Accelerated Readers rewarded at pep rally

Accelerated readers Pep Rally. Students received prizes like root beer floats for reaching their reading goals

Photos by Lisa Morton

Submitted by Assistant Principle

Gracie Fuentes, CCAISD

Van Horn School held their first Accelerated Reader (AR) Pep Rally last Thursday. They had plenty of parental support with support group Aliviane and local business Porter’s Grocery donating root beer floats to recognized students along with lots of small prizes for the book clubs.

CCAISD Librarian, Herminia Molinar played a huge part in organizing the Pep Rally. Molinar keeps track of each students’ Zone of Promixal Development (ZPD), which is the student’s appropriate reading level.

The students were recognized for reading at good comprehension and reaching 100% of their AR goal. Top readers were also recognized for each grade level as well as the point clubs that the students are at for that particular six weeks.  School staff would like to thank the parents and teachers for helping these students reach their goals by keeping up with them on a daily basis.

Overall, it was a great turnout with everyone excited to take part.  For the second six weeks, the students will be expected to reach 80% comprehension and 100% of their AR goal set by their ZPD.

CCASID is reaching out to the community for support to help with rewarding our students. Monetary donations would be greatly appreciated.


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