Ask Tia Juana

Dear Tia,

I have a friend who is a firm believer in psychic readings and will not make any life decisions, besides what to eat, without consulting one of those telephone “psychics.”  I have to add that any call to these people costs money…usually by the minute, and although I am not a psychic, I know that she cannot afford it.  My friend is otherwise a normal person, but she is obsessed with what her psychic thinks rather that what her friends and family think about her life choices.  She talks about her calls constantly and tries to convince me that I should consult one too, and I am at the point that I will probably lose her as a friend because she is being such an idiot!  Please help!


Dear Skeptic,

I’m sure her psychic has already told her that you are an unbeliever, but if not, you might want to.  Don’t be judgmental, but tell her that you do not share her enthusiasm for her dependence on psychic advice.  If you decide to continue being friends, then make it a point to change the subject every time she brings up her psychic friends…she should get the hint.  Good luck!


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