Coloring contest at Culberson Hospital

Annabel Quintana, Zavery Molina, Caydence Rodriguez

By Adrian Gilmore

Culberson County Hospital hosted a coloring contest for kids aged 4-8 the week before Halloween. It turned out to be a great way to incorporate the community and show off young, local talent. Artwork was proudly displayed and judged by a total of 27 judges from housekeeping, nursing, administration, and healthcare providers.

The top three winners of the coloring contest were: Caydence Rodriguez, Zavery Molina and Annabell Quintana. The top three winners received a pumpkin bucket filled with prizes like a glow in the dark watch, necklace, candy, popcorn balls, snack packs, erasers, pencils, Halloween cups with straws and puzzles. All children that participated received a goodie bag with candy and prizes, making everyone a true winner at Culberson Hospital.


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