Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

As I sat reading the article about Having Visions for the Schools, I thought about what would make the children of Van Horn, want to stay in Van Horn.

For the life of me, I couldn’t come up with anything except family, because there is nothing else in Van Horn to keep the children here once they graduate.  No work, no industry, no big stores, so what do the children do.  They move on to bigger and better towns where there are opportunities for a good life.

Since we moved here 5 years ago, we have watched businesses open and close.  Rocko’s,  Margie’s Bakery, the Laundromat, The Bagel Café, Double D’s, Papa’s Pantry, Broadway Store, oh yes and we use to have a Dairy Queen and a Pizza Hut.

We still have signs all along Broadway with names of places that no longer exist, the signs are still there as a reminder of things from the past that no longer exist.   

Restaurant’s, museums, auto shops, old gas stations and other empty buildings and signs that should have been demolished long ago, but still stand in clear view of travelers going through Van Horn.

Things that remind the children of Van Horn that there is nothing here for them once they graduate.  That the Town can not support them as they become adults, without jobs.

Now is the time that the Town of Van Horn needs a Vision as to how the Town should clean-up and improve the looks plus start to invite industries into the area to promote jobs for the graduates.  Things that will make the community grow and prosper.

The Town has got to open their eyes to ways to improve the Town so that our children see a life here instead of moving on to other towns.  This is just my opinion.  

Penney Wilson


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