Delegation gets a look at evolving education campus

By Adrian Norman, CCAISD

Volunteer participants from from CCAISD, Blue Origin, Navigator Oil & Minerals, and Orrock Trading toured the Roscoe Collegiate ISD campus on Tuesday.  The delegation had the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the Biomedical Health Facility, Drone Academy, Robotics Lab, and Surefoot Studios.

The purpose of the trip was to gain insight on transforming our educational system so that our students graduate with an associate’s degree, career experience, and industry certifications as they embark on a successful future.

CCAISD Director of Student Programs and Assistant Principal Sondra McCoy said, “As a school, we recognize the importance of partnerships with business and industry and are excited about what is afforded in our rural area. Crucial to the process for optimal student and industry outcome, is teaching creative problem solving, global thinking, and capitalizing on the valuable resources and recognize it will benefit all parties.”

Roscoe Collegiate ISD has been on this evolving educational journey for 9 years and we want to tap into their expertise, there is no need to recreate the wheel; rather learn and advance our own vision.

One area of interest is Roscoe ISD’s Drone Certification program. Their school has written a Drone-Airborne Innovation curriculum, and their students graduate from high school with an FAA Drone Pilot’s license. They are then prepared to become entrepreneurs, and are work force ready in the industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. We hope to implement this specific program at CCAISD.


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