Submitted by Superintendent Ken Baugh, CCAISD

Culberson County Allamoore Independent School District is the recipient of a grant in the amount $93,600.00 for the purchase of food service equipment for our cafeteria. The grant is administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Our cafeteria equipment is very old and pieces of our equipment no longer work. Mr. Baugh, CCAISD Superintendent, is always looking for ways to improve our school district and is excited to have received this grant for much-needed improvements.
To be eligible to receive the grant, a school must have at least 50% of enrolled students eligible for free or reduced-price meals. We move between 77% and 80% of free or reduced eligible enrollment in Van Horn. When being evaluated for the grant, considerations include the age of the existing equipment, the proposed new equipment’s potential impact on improving meal quality, and the new equipment’s role in a larger strategy for adopting smarter lunchrooms. A smarter lunchroom is a lunchroom that has made changes to provide more convenience and appeal to students. The smarter lunchroom highlights healthier choices and redesigns menus that target healthier options. Mr. Baugh stated “This is a competitive grant and we are pleased to have received this grant. As a school district, we will continue to look for ways to improve our school in all areas.”
Earlier this year CCAISD applied for and received a $20,000.00 grant for Title 1 School Improvement. Approximately $5,000 has been spent on supplies and materials for the students in the classroom. The teachers have identified a need for daily use of computers in the classroom and the school is currently getting quotes to spend the rest of the grant on Chromebooks (a type of computer) to be placed in the classroom. Currently, grades K-4 have a small number of computers that stay in the classroom providing them with some access. Grades 5- 8 currently check out computers from a central source. The purchase of new Chromebooks will put 6 computers in each teacher’s classroom to be used as needed. Teachers can still check out Chromebooks from a central location but will now have better daily access to technology. As education evolves, it is the responsibility of CCAISD to prepare students for the future and it is a privilege to be a part of the journey that leads them on a successful college and career pathway.


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