Senator Rodriguez needs your letters

(Valentine Radio) A couple of months ago, State Senator Jose Rodriguez contacted the Texas Department of Transportation to see if they would take steps to provide a safer experience for those visiting the Prada Marfa art installation outside of Valentine on U.S. Highway 90.

He noted the increase in pedestrian traffic while driving through his district and that he had been contacted by some of his constituents who have had close calls with pedestrians standing on or crossing the highway. Rodriquez offered several suggestions as to what could be done.

TxDOT responded in May with what they were willing to do – somewhat short of what the senator was hoping for. TxDOT has installed yellow pedestrian signage in both directions on Highway 90 to warn drivers of increased pedestrian activity around Prada Marfa. They have also extended the 65 mile per hour speed zone going into Valentine to include the installation. The speed limit then becomes 75 just to the west of Prada Marfa.

Rodriquez had suggested a pedestrian crossing at the site activated from either side of the highway, a rest/parking area, and a 45 mile per hour speed limit as it is through the City of Valentine.

It remains to be seen if the action taken by TxDOT will be sufficient or if more will need to be done.

In the mean time, Senator Rodriguez is asking for letters or emails from those feeling the effects of the traffic problem at the Prada art installation.


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