Hurd on the Hill: Back to Work

Fighting for you in Congress

U.S. Representative Will Hurd – TX23

It is the privilege of a lifetime to continue serving as Representative of the good folks of the 23rd District of Texas. My bosses are each of you, the nearly 800,000 people I represent across the 29 counties of TX-23, and I fundamentally cannot perform my job without your regular feedback. Listening to your concerns and answering your questions informs my votes and allows me to make sure your voice is heard in Congress. And as I head back to Congress this week, I can assure you my team and I will continue to work hard and across the aisle to deliver real results back home for South and West Texans.

On the plane back to Congress earlier this week I took some time to reflect on the productive year my team and I had. During the 115th Congress, I’m proud that five of my bills passed in a bipartisan manner out of the House and Senate, and were signed into law by the President. From keeping terrorists on the run and off our shores to providing job opportunities for our veterans transitioning to civilian life, these bills help fix real problems and find solutions that keep you safe and provide opportunities for success. I plan to continue working my colleagues to create policies that keep Americans safe and foster opportunities for job growth, entrepreneurship and innovation.

I am also proud of the hard work of my team to help over 3,200 Texans fight the federal bureaucracy since 2015 and remain committed to offering each of you the Gold Standard when it comes to two-way communication and the services my offices provide. That is why I am here in Congress to fight the bureaucracy for people who can’t battle it on their own, and my staff and I are standing ready to help you cut through the mass of federal red tape or light a fire under a Washington bureaucrat to make sure you get the benefits and responses you have earned and need. Whether you’re having trouble with federal agencies like Social Security or the VA, or you have any questions or concerns, my team and I are here to serve you.

My philosophy is simple and will remain the same as this Congress continues: the only way we can get things done in Congress is by working together. After more than 100 town halls across TX-23’s 29 counties in 4 years, what always stands out most is that more unites us than divides us, and Texans are tired of polarizing political rhetoric and want their elected officials to get things done. I will continue to work with my colleagues to find solutions to big problems and deliver real results back home.


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