Postponed local election roundup

The postponed May election, along with the General Election, will be on the same ballot this year. Which means this ballot will include: the Town of Van Horn election for Mayor, Council, and Proposition A; Culberson Hospital District for Board of Directors.

The ballot is set for two positions on the Culberson County Hospital District Board, two positions on City Council, Mayor, and a City Proposition regarding the sale of the town natural gas business to West Texas Gas.

In the City Officer election, voters will be called upon to elect a mayor and two aldermen. Incumbent Mayor Pam Young will not be seeking re-election. Those who have filed to run for mayor are Abel Fierro and Becky Brewster.

In the race for the two council spots, voters will choose from five candidates including Ben File, Nuny Morriss, Jesus Ramirez, and incumbents Rudy Hinojos and Michael Garibay.

Culberson County Hospital District voters will be electing two directors with incumbent Cheryl Owen, Lindsey Tyrrell, and Angie Perez vying for the positions. Incumbent Fran Malafronte will not be seeking re-election.

Early voting continues through Oct. 30

If you’re registered and have a valid form of ID, you’re ready to vote early for the November 3, 2020 General Election. To cast your early vote, you need to go by the County Clerk’s Office (Culberson County Courthouse) any time during regular business hours.

It is encouraged that voters abide to social distancing protocols and wear face masks while at the polls.

Voters unable to enter polling places are allowed to ask a poll worker to bring a ballot to their cars parked curbside. The state recommends that voters call ahead before requesting this option. Contact the Clerk’s Office at 432/283-2058.

Voting in Texas requires a valid photo ID. Polling places accept seven types of photo ID:

  • A state driver’s license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • A Texas election identification certificate (issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety)
  • A Texas personal identification card (issued by DPS)
  • A Texas license to carry a handgun (issued by DPS)
  • A U.S. military ID card that includes a personal photo
  • A U.S. citizenship certificate that includes a personal photo
  • A U.S. passport

Texans can visit to verify registration and see other relevant information.