Faith— 06/16/2022


By Father Frank Hernandez

This month of June is a month with many activities. The season of Summer begins. School ends in the early parts of the month, so family vacations are taking place. Graduations celebrations from Elementary. Middle, High School and University are also taking place, a new journey for some as they continue or finish their education. Also this month we celebrate Father’s Day. A day to thank our father’s for all that they do to provide and protect our families. This may be different for some of us because a Father figure may not be a part of our lives, but still we should honor their role within our community.

We not only have our earthy father’s, but as a person of faith we have a heavenly father also. God the Father is an example for us of how we are to care, respect and love one another. To be the good example for others and help others in whatever joy and struggle that we face in our daily lives. God want us to come to Him like we do to our father’s, to share our joys, struggles, get advice and to pray to the Lord. He is always there for us, even when we feel alone, confused or unheard in our lives. He is there for all His children, He has no favorites, though we sometimes feel that He does. Jesus reminds us in the Gospels that we are to follow the example of God our Father in how we live our daily lives.

We have a real example of how we are to act like a father in the gospels. St. Joseph is a real example of how a father is to act with his family. We do not know much about who Joseph was in the scriptures other that he was from the family of David, a carpenter, a respected man in the community, chosen marry Mary and to be the foster father of Jesus. We do not realize this also, but he does not speak in any of the gospel; he listens and acts. Many of us would not have acted like Joseph in the gospel. We would not have taken Mary as our wife if we found out she was with child, we would of ran away as fast as we could. But Joseph was told by the Lord and he followed the Lord’s command. I am sure he was scared, unsure and wondering “how can I take care of the child of God?” Still he fulfilled his role as father the best that he could. He protects them from death from King Herod, he flees with them to Egypt and finally provides for them in Nazareth the best that he can until his death. Joseph is a model for us not only in our faith, but as a model of how we are to act as men.

Being a father or a father figure is not easy, but how can the Lord help us to be better. Happy Father’s Day!


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