Faith— 08/11/2022

“R and R”

By Father Frank Hernandez

Summer is coming to an end soon. School will begin this month. We are already done with half of the year and fall decorations are appearing in the stores. The time to rest and relax is slowly winding down. And most of us have gone on a vacation during this time. No school for about two months, vacations from work, visiting family and friends who we only see once a year during the summer, going to theme parks or just visiting another state for the first time. This has been time for us to rest from our normal busy day and we all need a break to charge our batteries and change the routine. But sometimes we say we need a vacation from our vacation too. Also, this year we have still had to learn how to be safe with COVID-19 still around us.

Breaks are important because we are able to rest, but how do we relax and rest in our faith? We need to take time to spend with the Lord as well. Spending time with the Lord is not only during summer holidays, but every day of our lives. We need to recharge our lives with God our Father with the help of Jesus His Son and guidance through the Holy Spirit in our lives. We need that quiet time with the Lord to hear His voice in our hearts, to listen to how He speaks and guides us in our daily decisions. The only way to hear His voice is by making time for Him in our lives and having a quiet moment with Him.

If we do rest, it helps us during those moments of struggles, frustrations, sickness or any other emotion we may be facing in our lives. Resting with the Lord can be praying the common prayers: Our Father, Glory Be or Hail Mary. Using a devotional as the rosary or novena. Reading the bible and studying the Lord’s word or having spontaneous prayer with the Lord. But we have to make the time to spend with Him. Saying one prayer in the morning or evening or during meals is not enough to rest with the Lord. Or finding one day a week other than Sunday to pray is not enough. We have to make the time to spend with the Lord. That does not mean we have to spend an hour on our knees. Some of us can, but we need to work up to that. Praying 30 minutes throughout the day or doing it at the end of the day. We need to find that time to rest with the Lord also. To understand how He wants us to live our lives and express our faith.

We rest from our work, how can we rest and relax with the Lord in our lives?


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