Let's talk with Rodney Tilley

By Rodney Tilley, Pastor Van Horn Community Church —

It is already the second week of July, and somehow I lost the 4th. I
know last week we honored our founding fathers by celebrating the 4th
with fireworks, hotdogs, and backyard barbeques, but to me it happened
so fast that I forgot what and why we were celebrating. I remember back
in May we celebrated Mother’s Day with cards and flowers and in June we
did the same for our fathers, minus the flowers, and then there was Flag
Day, a few wedding days, and a graduation or two, and just so the
stores would keep on giving bonuses, we threw in a couple of birthdays.
We gave out honors like we were giving out candy.

But there
was one day of celebration that I really forgot and I am sure most of
you did to, and that was the second Sunday of June.

Most of
you probably did not realize that the second Sunday in June is always
declared “Children’s Day,” and many around the world honor their
children with respect and dignity on that day. I too overlooked it and
did not remember those that cannot speak for themselves, those that have
little say in the affairs of this world. In the last couple of months, I
honored the dead, the old, the living, the patriotic, and I even
honored the flag, but I totally forgot to honor the “little people”

heritage has taught us better that to forget our young, but we look the
other way as we honor our children with debt, divorce, and even death,
as we abort thousands each day. They come into the world fighting for
life and we greet them with a tax bill and a text message. It is not
wonder that we do not remember, “Children’s Day.”

But it was
no different in time’s past, for even in Jesus’ time we find society
wanting to hide children in a corner and negate their needs. But in Mark
10:14, the Bible tells us that Jesus was indignant with this kind of
thinking and told his followers, “Don’t push these children away. Don’t
ever get between them and me. These children are at the very center of
life in the kingdom of God.”

The very center and I forgot to
remember them. This last week we honored our “Founding Fathers” and we
didn’t remember our “Founding Children,” but we could have and then
flown flags in their honor. Why don’t we cancel our debt and live as
responsible adults, seek help with our marriages, or at least get
married, lay our wants aside, and live at peace in homes with God

That would please our children and honor them and
make everyday, “Children’s Day,” and that would be a cause for a real


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