Update from Congressman Gallego

By Pete Gallego, Congressman —

Our country's deficit has decreased by 38 percent – a $368 billion
drop over the past 10 months. Those estimates come from the nonpartisan
Congressional Budget Office.

Government spending is on a steady decline- as is evident by the fact
that the federal deficit fell by more than a third in the first 10
months of the fiscal year.

With the deficit decreasing, we must move away from partisanship and
gridlock and tackle the needs and challenges facing the middle class. We
need to focus on growing our economy and job creation. We all know that
our economy works best when we grow from the middle out

I've worked with my colleagues in Congress to assemble a strong,
promising jobs package that promotes four areas of economic cornerstones
— including a bill I introduced.

First, revitalizing American manufacturing. This can be done by
supporting infrastructure, tax cuts and funds for research to help small
manufacturers get ahead. Our nation's manufacturing sector employs
nearly 12 million workers and contributes more than $1.6 trillion to the
U.S. economy annually. It is the largest driver of economic growth in
the nation, so it makes sense to support this sector.

Second, promoting Americans exports. Allowing manufacturers access
both domestically and internationally will not only spur jobs, but
upkeep our global trading at the forefront. With five ports of entry and
a shared 800 miles with the Texas-Mexico border, exporting is a
valuable economic driver for the 23rd congressional district.

Third, training and keeping a globally competitive workforce to
ensure that high-demand skills are used to better our workforce and our
national standing.

Lastly, we must bring jobs home and innovation back to our country. We can encourage and support our small businesses.

A bill that I introduced- the American Export Promotion Act of 2013 – invests in a program that works.

The program awards grants to support trade associations and our local
chambers of commerce to enhance the global competitiveness of U.S.
industries. On average from 1997 through 2012 projects generated $258 in
exports for every $1 awards received. My bill promotes investment in a
program that works for jobs, manufacturing, local chambers and increased
exporting to boost our economic output.

Americans are looking for job creation and economic growth, not more
distraction, delays, and politics. The needs of hard working Americans
cannot be ignored. We need to enact a budget that replaces the
irresponsible sequester, creates jobs, and strengthens the middle class
while we continue to responsibly reduce the deficit.

We need to reignite the American Dream and build ladders of
opportunity for those willing to work hard and play by the rules. Let's
get the job done.


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