Two senior football players arrested for making terroristic threats

By Robert Morales —

The stormy weather threatened last Friday's homecoming football game
against Tornillo. However, two senior football players were making
threats of their own Friday afternoon to four freshman players which
resulted in arrests.

Benny Lopez, 17 and Dalton Aumiller, 17, were arrested later Friday
evening after school officials learned that the two had allegedly
threatened the four freshman football players with bodily injury if the
four did not smoke from a marijuana cigarette. The incident is alleged
to have happened behind a local restaurant.

According to the Sheriff's Office, both Mr. Lopez and Mr. Aumiller
were each charged with four counts of making terroristic threats, a
misdemeanor. However, once the investigation is concluded, Sheriff Oscar
Carrillo said that the two may possibly be charged with a felony charge
of unlawful imprisonment (restraint) and delivery of a controlled

Prior to the arrest, all six players were taken to Culberson
Hospital, where the players were tested for the presence of marijuana.
According to Mr. Carrillo, all six tested positive for the substance.

“We are not going to sugar-coat what happens in our community,
especially when it involves our youth,” said Mr. Carrillo. “There must
be accountability for their actions.”

As for what action the school will take, it remains up in the air.
Superintendent Marc Puig said that a due process hearing will take place
this week, according to Tex. Education Code, Chapter 37. Because the
incident happened off campus, the hearing will determine whether the
alleged actions taken by the two senior football players warrant
punishment on behalf of the school, ranging from DAEP to posssible


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