On The Trail With Beth Nobles

By Beth Nobles —

Earlier this month, I was honored to speak about Far West Texas cycling resources at the National Bike Tourism Conference in Iowa, to over 300 attendees. It was my pleasure to introduce photographs of our region, including Van Horn's cycle-friendly Hotel El Capitan, and Hwy 54, the “El Capitan to El Capitan Heritage Bike Route,” and visit with cycling tour operators and bike event organizers from around the country.

A cycling blogger from Los Angeles wrote online, “I'm definitely going to bike through this area on our cross-country trip. Hopefully, I can reach out to Beth for help when the time comes.”

Another said, “You've added two things to my bucket list: Cycling the Texas Mountain Trail region and staying at the Hotel El Capitan.”

Texas Mountain Trail will continue to add cycling information to our web page, www.texasmountaintrail.com/bike, with new information about Van Horn's “El Capitan to El Capitan Heritage Bike Route” in the coming months, and will reach out to conference attendees with planning support for group travel to our region.


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