Letter from Congressman Pete Gallego

By Congressman Pete Gallego —

Thanksgiving. It's a special time and a special holiday. But, it doesn't have to be the only time of the year we give thanks for what we have.

In fact, all of us have many things to be grateful for every day.

This Thanksgiving and every day this year, I have given thanks for the incredible privilege of representing our area in the U.S. Congress.

Growing up in Alpine, who would have thought that possible?

For me, being a member of Congress is not about the title or about politics. It's about doing the right thing for the country we love, our great state of Texas, and for all who live in the 29 counties I represent.

In West Texas, we are a practical people who deal with the realities of survival in a region known for hardships. We like to get things done. In Congress, my voting record reflects my our regional consensus that patriotism should be above both partisanship and politics.

Recently, the National Journal, a national publication covering Congress and the federal government recently scored me among the 10 most bipartisan Democrats in Congress. I am proud of that. I want to break the gridlock — not contribute to it.

My job as a member of Congress is to find solutions , not create more problems. From my votes to end the government shutdown, to improving the challenges of the Affordable Care Act, to promoting a sound farm bill, my votes track the desires of the pragmatic West Texas that I was raised in.

I continue to travel across all the 29 counties in the 23rd District and meet with constituents to hear their thoughts on critical issues. I receive hundreds of phone calls per day and thousands of emails per week. This feedback is essential to the job you have asked me to perform on your behalf. I take my job and the trust you have bestowed in me very seriously.

This is truly a land of great opportunity. I know this. From my father's restaurant to the halls of Congress has been a long journey. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have had – and for the faith my neighbors have bestowed on me.

Thanks to all of you who live and work in the 23rd District of Texas. Thanks for the privilege of being your representative and the trust you place in me – today and every day.


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