Candidates file for local offices

By Robert Morales —

The deadline for filing for local offices was Monday. The following persons have officially filed for the March 2014 primary:

County Judge:

Incumbent Judge Carlos Urias (D)

County Judge: Lyndon McDonald (D)

County Treasurer: Susana (Susie) Hinojos (Unopposed)

Commissioner, Pct. 2:

Incumbent Dolores (Lolo) Urias (D)

Commissioner, Pct. 2: Shane Grubb (D)

Commissioner, Pct. 2: Raul M. Rodriguez (D)

Commissioner, Pct. 2: Robert Alvarado (D)

Commissioner, Pct. 4: Incumbent Adrian J. Norman (D)

Commissioner, Pct. 4: Fermin (Chemiro) Baeza (D)

JP, Pct. 1: Rita Carrasco (Unopposed)

JP, Pct. 2: A.P. Flores, Jr. (Unopposed)

JP, Pct. 3: Lois Hill (D)

JP, Pct. 3: Michael Davis (D)

JP, Pct. 4: Betty Velez (Unopposed)


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