2013 now part of history

We say it every year: “Where did the year go?”

It didn’t “go” anywhere. It appears that time does pass quickly, especially as we get older. 

This is a time of reflection to examine the major events in our lives — and perhaps more important — the not-so-major events.

As for what happened in 2013, we witnessed several new businesses open in Van Horn. That’s a good thing because small businesses are truly the engine and lifeblood of our economy.

Not too long ago, our school district was in financial straits, and by the end of the year, CCAISD was able to boost its fund balance to $4 million. We really must give Superintendent Marc Puig credit for helping steer the district in the right direction.

He has poured a tremendous amount of energy into changing the status quo at CCAISD. We should also give a lot of credit to the trustees because the friction between the board members has subsided, and so has the friction between superintendent and trustees.

Is everything perfect at CCAISD? Of course not. The Reduction in Force was a tough pill to swallow for trustees and for the employees affected, but it was one way to help bring some financial sanity to the district.

Just because CCAISD has money in the bank does not mean that the school can spend money frivolously and imprudently. There was a good reason that trustees voted to consolidate the campuses. The old high school is in bad shape, and for that matter, most of the facilities are in poor condition.


Voters will be asked this year to decide on a bond issue that would bring much-needed improvements. A decision will have to be made on what to do with the old Delaware campus. The band hall and auditorium are in great need of renovations. And what about a gym? We should also look at a performing arts program and a technical program that would allow our students to gain the necessary education while getting experience. 

 A vocational/technical program would change lives for many students who are not interested in a four-year college degree.

For some, 2013 was a better year financially, but the economic situation has not fully recovered. For others, 2013 was yet another difficult year. We can usually gauge these things by the number of persons who get some of their food at the food pantry. 

The Christian shelter is also a great resource for those who need a place to stay for a night because of unexpected setbacks. Thanks to Glenn Humphries for his work at the shelter.

We’ve included some of the photos that appeared in print last year and some photos that didn’t get printed.


As we embark on a new year, let’s not forget about being thankful, even in difficult and trying times. Let’s also remember to help those who can’t help themselves.


Finally, we bid farewell to Mayor Okey Lucas who died last year. He served Van Horn for many years in many capacities, and he will be remembered fondly.


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