El Mercado construction resumes

During its regular meeting on Tuesday night, the City Council heard a report from City Administrator Fran Malafronte regarding the delay in the construction of the new El Mercado.  According to Ms. Malafronte, the delay in construction was caused in part because concrete had not been delivered on time. Delivery of the concrete took place yesterday.  
Ms. Malafronte also reported that two architects were already at work with preliminary sketches for ideas on the renovation and expansion of the convention center at no cost to the city.  
Council then voted unanimously to allow Big Bend Community Action to make late payments without a cut-off because the agency’s funding from the state does not always arrive on time. Council also approved a list of used vehicles and equipment to be sold at auction on Jan. 18, 2014.  
Council turned their attention to approving a quote from the civil engineering firm of Source Environmental Sciences, Inc., to prepare the necessary renewal forms for the Town of Van Horn’s wastewater permit which expires on Sept. 1, 2014.  Next, Water Tank Inspection, Inc., submitted a report regarding the active water tank located at the City Utility Building site which has a leak, and which according to the company submitting the report, would cost approximately $47,000.  Council members instructed Refugio Corrales to meet with the engineering firm of Brock & Bustillos to see if an alternate and less costly solution could be found and if not, he was instructed  to go out for bids for the repair.  
Council also heard that the city lagoons would have to be rerouted to increase retention time as mandated by wastewater regulations before allowing the wastewater to be pumped to the golf course.
Finally, council heard that Loves’ Travel Centers is searching for a new location for expansion to include three new restaurants.


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