Candidate Profile: Lois Hill, Candidate for JP, Pct. 3

Lois Hill is running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3. Her opponent is Michael Davis. She is running for the vacant position of former JP Jo Kinkaid, who is retiring.

Ms. Hill was born in Van Horn and graduated from Van Horn High School. After graduation, she attended Sauk Valley College in Dixon, Ill. to play basketball. She completed her undergraduate studies at Tarleton State University and earned a degree in Physical Education, Health and English. She later attended UTEP and earned a Master of Arts in professional writing. In addition, she studied legal research.

She began teaching in the fall of 1980 in Needville, Texas. She also taught at Ysleta ISD, Washington state, Clint ISD, Fabens ISD and CCAISD.  She retired from CCAISD in 2012. In addition to teaching, she was also a coach in Clint, Fabens and Needville (basketball, volleyball and track). She coached swimming in Washington during the summer. In Olympia, Ms. Hill managed the downtown YMCA after taking two years in various computer classes, including training in Westlaw,  a legal software.

Justices of the Peace in Texas have a variety of job duties, including hearing traffic cases, issuing fines, hearing small claims up to $10,000, acting in the capacity of certifying the death of a person.
JP Kinkaid had an office in Guadalupe, but according to Ms. Hill, the office for JP Pct. 3 will likely be located in Van Horn.

As a retired educator, I would devote 100-percent of my time to this office,” said Ms. Hill. “I have experience doing legal research in a law library and on Westlaw. I have a desire to serve my community in a different capacity, and now that I have the time, I will perform the duties of this office to the best of my abilities.” 

She added that the person who fills the JP 3 position needs to be committed to the community. “I’m a homeowner and I pay taxes,” she said. “I’m interested in what happens in our schools, our county and now the growth in the northern part of the county. I have a commitment to Van Horn and Culberson County because I made the decision to come back here to live. I’m rooted here, and I plan on staying here. I would like the opportunity to serve in this capacity.” 


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