Candidate Profile: Michael Davis, JP, Precinct 3


Michael Davis is running for JP, Precinct 3. He has one opponent, Lois Hill. The seat is being vacated by Jo Kinkaid, who is retiring after spending many years as JP for Precinct 3.

Mr. Davis is a lifelong resident of Van Horn. Following graduation from Van Horn High School, he attended Odessa College and received an Associate in Science and Agriculture and in Science and Arts. He has served as a volunteer firefighter for the last seven years, something he said he enjoys very much.

While in high school, he was active in 4-H activities, and now, he volunteers with the Culberson County Livestock Show, which took place recently. Mr. Davis keeps busy between helping his father, Buddy Davis, with the feed store, in addition to running a ranch in southern Culberson County.

His schedule depends on the season of the year. For example, during the winter, he helps with gathering cattle and shipping them to market. At other times during the year, he said he helps with gathering and branding cattle. When he’s not doing that, he hauls feed for his father, and if he’s not doing that, there’s what he calls “typical ranch labor.” During the summer, if there’s free time, Mr. Davis said he lends his hands at the fire station working with the trucks.
As for entering the political arena for the first time, Mr. Davis said that his work ethic has always been, “I won’t do anything unless I do it right.” He said he has researched the position of justice of the peace at length as it relates to the diverse duties of the office.

“For me, this position represents a great way to get my foot in the door for something I’ve always had an interest in, not to mention how much respect I have for this office,” Mr. Davis said.

In terms of his qualifications for the JP position, Mr. Davis quickly added that he was always intrigued with the different assignments his father had while he was a deputy. Mr. Davis met other deputies and other law enforcement officials and judges that influenced him at a very early age.

His statement to voters is simple: “I’d like to win, that’s why I’m running, and I’d appreciate your vote. Even if you don’t vote for me, to me, it’s actually more important to tell people to go vote. If you vote, then you have a legitimate gripe if you have a complaint. Too many people who are eligible to vote don’t vote. Elections are the time when people get to voice an opinion. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for people to vote.”


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