Religion: Crawling toward the light

By Rodney Tilley, Pastor, Van Horn Community Church

“It is really dark in here,” I told my friend, Edward, as we were crawling through this maze of culverts under the highway complex close to our house. We were kids, weird kids, stupid kids to be exact, for here we were in total darkness 100 yards from the nearest entrance, not realizing that the next hand hold could be a snake or a deadly spider just waiting for two boys who were out of their minds.

We could feel every vibration of overloaded log trucks as they lumbered over us and frightened us to the core. It was loud down there, but we couldn’t turn around for our “manliness” was at stake and the culvert was too small for us to turn back anyway, so we continued to crawl. 

 But then it happened, the path divided into two and then into two again, and we began to ask ourselves, “Who would ever find us or even know to look for us under the highway in a culvert if something really crazy happened to us?” We knew it was time to get out of here, but which way should we go?

 Looking at the fork ahead or let us say, feeling the fork ahead, we saw a faint ray of light and as fast as we could, we headed toward the light, vowing to keep this adventure away from the prying eyes of our parents. 

We arrived at the end and like spelunkers who experience light madness, we jumped and reveled in the rays of the sun. It was good, really good. 

 We were dirty, but we were happy. We had chosen the right road, the real road less “traveled by,” and we knew we were home. Just that morning we had heard the Sunday School teacher tell us that the Bible talks of how, “he called us out of darkness and into his wonderful light, (I Peter 2:9)” and now we knew how to apply it, even if out of context. It was finally making sense to two knuckleheads who just that morning thought church was a bore.

The Bible says that, “God is light and in him is no darkness.” Light which was created on the first day of creation in the book of Genesis now had meaning and it started to penetrate mind, soul, and body.

 Yes, we made it through by moving toward the light, and yes, we lived to tell another tale. But you too must understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that you too can live in that light of God’s presence. It was a lesson for a young boy, and that light is still shining on an old man, and that light can show you the way too.

Now concerning the culverts, let’s keep that just between us. My Mom is still living in Van Horn and she already has enough on her mind, so let’s be “mum” on this one. 

For more information on the light of God, please call: Rodney Tilley at 432-207-0015.


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