Commissioners approve renovation of county bulding for food bank

County commissioners on Monday approved a bid from C.A. Construction to completely revamp the old Big Bend Community Action building that will house the Culberson County Food Bank.  The food bank serves more than 100 residents and will expand its size with the move to the building.

In other action, Sheriff Oscar Carrillo presented his annual report required by the state which analyzes any citations issued by the Sheriff’s department for racial profiling. Mr. Carrillo then provided commissioners with a copy of a Border Security Grant in the amount of $15,000 which is to be used strictly for overtime interdiction and associated costs such as fuel.  He said that he had hoped for the $99,000 grant he had applied for, but that Culberson County was considered a “new applicant” after not qualifying for the last several grant cycles.  

Mr. Carrillo reported that he hoped that this grant award would signal that the county will now be eligible for more grant monies.
The Sheriff closed his comments with a report that two new vehicles had been delivered and were in the process of being outfitted with necessary equipment to be placed into service as soon as possible.

Under departmental reports, the court tentatively discussed making an exploratory trip in March, to the northern part of Culberson County, around the Orla area, to get acquainted with the current expansion of oil and gas exploration.  Commissioners expressed a desire to be vigilant to avoid the pitfalls of rapid expansion on county infrastructure.


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