Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Some are asking, “What is the Buzzard Festival and why?” Well, a group of Van Horn businesses, in an effort to provide more than economic incentives, decided it would be nice to do something for the community. Carlsbad has the bats, and San Juan the swallows, why not capture an edge on the buzzards that return in mass to Van Horn every spring?
 Some have seen this as a detriment, but others are sure that this is an asset that can be maximized for family fun. On April 5, more than 40 sponsors have come together to provide Van Horn with a day of family events that will motivate the children and pacify the adults.
It is a non-alcoholic event, and a day that the whole family can enjoy. Marfa may have the lights, seen only at night, but we have the buzzards seen every spring, which can be viewed all day.
We invite you all to come and have a buzzard burger, buy a buzzard T-shirt, and watch the buzzards as they soar high overhead. It will be a new tradition and hopefully one that will be remembered year after year.

So, next time you meet  some buzzards, give them our thanks, for they do a good job of cleaning up our messes!

Rodney Tilley


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