EDITORIAL: A visit from an old friend


My Aunt Lucy Morales was in town this past weekend visiting relatives, and I had a chance to visit with her for a few hours. She’s back in El Paso after living in San Antonio for a few years.

We chatted about a variety of topics, but she was especially interested in talking about the Old Courthouse.  She read the story we did on the Old Courthouse, and she said it brought back a lot of memories – some of them good and some not so good, but we won’t go into the not so good memories.

She was holding a piece of paper while we spoke, and I knew it held special meaning. After about an hour, we delved into the paper she was holding. 

It was her wedding invitation from 1947. She married my Uncle Heriberto (Beto) Morales. The wedding reception was held at the Old Courthouse. She said it was a magnificent event, and one of the happiest moments of her life.

She was also holding some photos that I knew had significance to her. When she handed me the photos, it was clear that these were from her hey-day, probably dating back to the 1930s. I told her I would like to scan them and publish them in this week’s edition because they were also special to me.

 All of the photos below were taken at the Old Courthouse, circa 1930s. Thanks to my old friend for the visit and for the photos.


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