Editorial: A visit from an old friend — Part 2


Last week I wrote about the visit from Aunt Lucy Morales and her old courthouse stories. I included the photos she gave me, and there was one that was labeled as unknown.

It didn’t take long for someone to call and tell me the name of the unknown person in the photo. Mike Barrandey called on Thursday and told me the person in the photo was his brother, Jesus Barrandey, a 1941 honors graduate at Van Horn High School.

Mr. Barrandey has been a wealth of information as it concerns the history of Van Horn. Sit down with Mike for a couple of minutes, and you’ll find that he is a master of prose and story-telling. He provides dates, names, meticulous details and descriptions. 
I would be remiss in mentioning another great local historian, Heradio Luna. He has compiled a massive compilation of photos and stories that date back decades.
We should take the time to thank our seniors for their wisdom, their wit and their longevity. I will continue to call on you often.


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