OPINION: Letter to the Editor

“Obamacare” by subsidizing Planned Parenthood takes lives instead of saves lives. It federally funds the taking of the lives of “Posterity” whose protection was the first express purpose of our Constitution, as was emphasized in the Preamble with that word’s capitalization.

The first implementation of Obamacare was the subsidizing of abortion with Americans’ tax dollars BEFORE its scheduled implementation through an executive order by Obama. The fact that it funds abortion is unique because it then makes abortion on demand an affirmative policy of fiscally encouraging American women to betray their own motherly instincts and kill their own children with “We the people” approving this needless bloodshed of helpless babies, otherwise entrusted to our care!

Presently Obamacare enables Planned Parenthood to offer free abortions on the internet to women in El Paso! No healthcare plan that prioritizes the killing of children by encouraging mothers to betray their own child and motherhood (which once was the pinnacle of all human decency) will ever produce the healthcare it promises to all. It is snakebitten by its own priority for Death!

It is the ultimate conflict of interest against Life, freedom, and the unique dignity of humanity. The fact that Castro celebrated this law’s passage reveals that its passage is a final step towards this nation’s Communism! We must repeal this act now or we are doomed to become a communist nation with all its cruelty!

This is as clear as the fact of this act’s first priority, Death, thereby supplanting our Constitution’s and Declaration’s first purpose, Life! Those of us who voted for Obama are responsible for this terrible loss of baby Americans and Mexicans.

We can at least stop this evil before more die! If Catholics and Baptists and all in between really love Christ, we will lock arms and march on Washington and this evil act will be repealed, and Jesus will see His prayer answered in John 17:23, Matthew 18, 25:34 and Luke 17. For in as much as we have done it to the least of these, we do it to Jesus and ultimately, to our own ourselves.

This is why Castro, our old enemy celebrated. It means the end of who we are, as humans, as a nation! We must repeal Obamakill now, save “Posterity” and thereby save ourselves. It’s the “Golden Rule” or we can all be wasted like Noah’s neighbors. The choice is already made unless we undo it! Write your congressman and the newspaper!

Its not about money, its about our souls! All we have to do to secure our own destruction is not listen, not pray, not act! Genesis 7-9. This is the test of our faith!

Gravely concerned,
Steve J. Jackson


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