Culberson Hospital celebrating National Hospital Week with variety of activities


National Hospital Week is a time that Culberson Hospital and Van Horn Rural Health Clinic thank the many individuals who contribute to the provision of healthcare services offered in Culberson County.

 “Our patients and our community are most familiar with the medical providers, nurses and other clinical staff who work in the hospital and clinics,” said Jared Chanski, hospital administrator, “and may not be aware of all of the other staff members who are also critical to the delivery of quality healthcare services in our community.”
The hospital and clinic employ approximately 70 full-time and part-time employees.  Of these, about two-thirds have clinical jobs, with the remainder working in the Administrative, Admitting, Business Office, Medical Records, Information Systems, Central Supply, Dietary, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Human Resource departments.  
“We could not operate the hospital and clinic without the individuals who staff these departments,” said Mr. Chanski.  “Although some may wonder if we really need an administrator,” he joked.

Hospital and clinic staff worked together to develop a full calendar of activities to celebrate National Hospital Week, which runs from May 11-17.  Staff members will all receive new hospital shirts at the beginning of the week and will all wear their shirts on Friday as they join together for a traditional cook-out.

Ice cream sundaes will be served on Monday, Hawaiian Day, which is being hosted by Physical Therapy, Central Supply, Dietary, Housekeeping.  Staff will get a chance to compete in a virtual bowling contest.  Tuesday is Duck Dynasty Day planned by the Business Office, Maintenance, Human Resources, Medical Records and Administrative staff, and will include dart games and nacho Frito pies.

On Wednesday, staff of the Nursing and Imaging departments is encouraging staff to wear game-day jerseys as they play a Minute-to-Win-It game and enjoy hot dogs and all of the fixings.  Super hero day on Thursday will feature a trivia game developed by the Clinic and EMS staff during which employees will be served yogurt cups with fruit toppings.

National Hospital Week is promoted by the American Hospital Association (AHA) to emphasize that hospitals like Culberson are not just a place to heal, but also a part of the community that fosters health and represents hope.  According to the AHA, “Hospital Week, first and foremost is a celebration of people.”

“We are extremely proud of each member of our staff and recognize the important role they play in extending a sense of trust to our patients and community,” said Mr. Chanski, “and I hope everyone will join us in thanking the many individuals who contribute to the work that we do here at the hospital and clinic.”  


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