Letter to the Editor

It is with a deep heart that I inform you that I will no longer be working at Culberson County.  For the past five years and four months I have enjoyed working as the Assistant Auditor for the Auditor’s Office.
I am proud to say I have acquired a lot along the way.  I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge; I have grown professionally and personally, and, most important, I have made many wonderful, lifelong friends. And though it saddens me to say that the Auditor’s Office will no longer be my home, I am pleased to announce that as of May 19, I will start a new journey as the Assistant Auditor for Presidio County.
I’d like to thank the elected officials, the commissioners, and all the employees for making every day a delight. That is not to say it hasn’t been a challenge. But, I am honored to have worked with such amazing and hard-working individuals. So, one chapter ends, and a new one begins.
I’d also like thank everyone for voting for me as Hospital Board Trustee. I will be commuting back and forth which will allow me to dedicate all the time necessary to make your voice heard on the board. Once again, thank you!

Gracie Mendoza