Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Ron and I have been ranching in the Van Horn area for over 37 years.  We’ve seen in our business the value of advertising, which is why we will vote yes for a Texas Beef Checkoff June 2-6.

 Ranchers like us have invested a dollar-per-head since the ‘80s, and that money has helped fund groundbreaking research that has resulted in new cuts. Those new cuts have added $100 in value to every carcass. Checkoff dollars have also been used to promote Texas beef all over the world. That promotion has added more than $150 of value to our product.

 That’s not anything we could do on our own, but together as an industry we’ve been able to add significant value to all of our products.

 While our investment has paid off, we now face challenges that a single dollar-per-head simply cannot overcome, and frankly, our industry is losing ground.

 We need to invest more in helping doctors, dietitians and today’s youth understand the value of beef in a healthy diet.  We need to invest more in defending the demand for beef when media stories that tarnish our product’s reputation occur.  And we need to invest more in defending our share of the global beef market and growing it.   If we come together and invest through a Texas Beef Checkoff we can help do these things and more.

We believe in investing in the future of the Texas cattle industry. We will vote “Yes” for a Texas Beef Checkoff, and we hope other area cattle owners will join us.

Janet and Ron Helm


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