CCAISD picks logo for Van Horn Eagles submitted by Omar Balcazar

A few weeks ago, Superintendent Marc Puig explained to trustees that because of potential trademark issues dogging the district with a “pick your logo” mentality, that a new symbol for the Van Horn Eagles had to be chosen — and quickly.

Not only was the school in jeopardy of a potential infringement legal battle, Hellas Construction, the general contractor for the new stadium renovations, asked for a school logo as soon as possible because the company would soon be ordering the stadium turf.

A logo committee was formed several weeks ago, and after reviewing multiple entries, the logo shown here was the winner. It was submitted by Omar Balcazar.

Companies and other organizations, whether large or small, are highly protective of their logos for a variety of reasons, but primarily because more than likely, the organization paid a good sum of money for the design. 

In addition, a logo represents the face, or branding, of an organization or a company. All one has to do is see the logos for Coca-Cola, Target, Apple,  or McDonald’s, and the moment once sees those logos, they are immediately associated with those brands.


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