Weather Whys from Texas A&M Geosciences Center

Q: What’s the coolest location in the U.S. during the summer?

A: The place with the lowest daily temperature in the continental United States is Mount Washington, N.H., which has an average July temperature of only 54 degrees, says Brent McRoberts of Texas A&M University. “But the problem is that no one lives on Mount Washington,” he explains. “If you’re talking about places where people live, San Francisco has to be rated near the top with an average July temperature of 66 degrees. San Francisco has one of the most stable climates in the country – the average high temperature in January is only 56 degrees, only 10 degrees difference from its July high.”
Q: What are some other cool places?
A:  If you really like cool weather, consider traveling to Barrow, Alaska, where the average July high temperature is a chilly 47 degrees, McRoberts adds. “In the Northeast, head to Caribou, Maine, which has an average July temperature of 76 degrees, and Martha’s Vineyard is not far behind at 79 degrees. Boston checks in at 82 degrees, which is a far cry from most Texas cities, whose average July high is in the mid-90s. On the Pacific Coast, the always- cool Pacific Ocean keeps the entire coastline very mild in summer. That’s why it’s often warmer in January on the West Coast than in many U.S. cities.”


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