Senior Homecoming King and Queen Candidates 2014

(L): Carlos Guerrero, Darden Morriss, Sam Rivera, Brianna Sanchez, Brandon Carrillo, Justin Quintana. 


Every year around the same time, homecoming comes around to every high school campus for fun and excitement — and it’s no different for Van Horn High School. 

Students get together to have friendly class competitions which include decorating doors, decorating floats for the annual parade, and celebrating the school spirit. The students also elect specific students to participate in the Homecoming Court. 

Freshmen through Junior classes elect Duke and Duchesses while the Senior class elects the Homecoming King and Queen.  On Thursday after the parade, everyone will gather around the bonfire made possible through the hard work of the senior class to engage in conversation around the fire under the night sky.

Most important, everyone, including students that have already graduated, gather at Eagle Field for the homecoming football game to watch the football game and wait for the announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King as everyone cheers on the Eagles in support. 

All in all, homecoming is about welcoming VHHS exes back to their alma mater as well as having the entire student body participate in school spirit. You could say it’s like one big family reunion party for all Eagles — current and past — to enjoy.


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