The changing weather


There are some things in life that are just totally unpredictable. Despite the gallant efforts of many a meteorologist, the weather still tops the list of nearly everyone’s fickle daily events.

There’s an old adage around Texas that goes something like this, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” Or, “If you don’t like the weather where you’re standin’, try standin’ over here for a few minutes.”  The sporadic downpours that have struck West Texas this year certainly add a degree of truth to both of those old sayings.

As the impact of Hurricane Odile was felt throughout Texas this past weekend, the weather system may be remembered for both flooding and a much needed drought-busting rain. Although Van Horn’s drought likely ended weeks ago, ranchers and farmers only a few miles from town in any direction may argue that claim. For a better understanding, see Saying #2 above. Downpours were heavy in some locations while only a mile or so away, the rain was virtually immeasurable.

Case in point was last Thursday night when attendance at the Homecoming bonfire was cut short due to lightening, and a little bit of rain. Only a few miles north of town, Highway 54 was temporarily impassable as several feet of water washed tons of sand, gravel and mud over the roadway, changing the landscape on both sides of the roadway. Further north, an oilfield worker was swept away to his death in a flash flood on the Whites City Road. The National Guard was mobilized in southern New Mexico to rescue other workers.

The National Weather Service reminds drivers to slow down on wet roadways and remember, it doesn’t have to be raining in your location to become the unexpected victim of a flash flood.


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