Man arrested for burglarizing Exxon and car wash last week

Last week, two early-morning burglaries were reported to the Culberson County Sheriff’s Office. Upon investigation and cooperation from the public, Bruce Wayne Hancock, 49, of Anton, Tex., was arrested for felony theft, burglary and lottery fraud. 

According to Sheriff Oscar Carrillo, the Exxon on East Broadway and the Van Horn Car Wash were each burglarized on consecutive days. Mr. Carrillo said that the perpetrators had bypassed the alarm system at the Exxon and stole lottery tickets and cigarettes.

The following day, a person or persons manipulated the motion detector system at the car wash on West Broadway and entered the office building. 
The offender broke into the money exchange machine and pilfered tools, money and a large air compressor.

“Burglaries are not common in Van Horn,” said Mr. Carrillo. “We knew we were dealing with a person who had expertise in dismantling and bypassing alarm systems.”
Investigators reviewed hours of video surveillance footage at local businesses to try and stitch together a profile of the suspect(s).  The video footage yielded one potential suspect that led to the arrest of Mr. Hancock, who may be linked to both crimes.

Mr. Hancock was working for a subcontractor at the rest areas near Sierra Blanca, and he apparently spend his leisurely time in Van Horn. 
He remains in custody pending the posting of $20,000 in bonds.


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