CCAISD receives good grade on latest audit


CCAISD trustees on Monday received another “unmodified” audit report regarding the school’s finances. An unmodified opinion is considered the golden standard in auditing, meaning that the final report had few, if any, discrepancies that require attention.

The report was presented by Rocky Rives of Smith & Rives in Monahans.

According to the report’s financial  highlights,”the District’s net position increased by $1,346,604 as a result of this year’s operations.”

In addition, the report stated that the total cost of the district’s programs had decreased by about 4.54 percent, and the general fund ended the year with a fund balance of $3,250,766, the amount of money the district has in the bank.

The numbers presented at Monday’s meeting were as of Aug. 31, 2014.

According to Superintendent Marc Puig, CCAISD currently has about $7 million in the bank because of an injection of property taxes (ad valorem) and mineral (oil and gas) taxes that have been collected.

The district improved its Net Position between 2013 and 2014. For example, the audit reveals that the district’s net position in 2013 was 4,541,259 in comparison with $5,894,983 in 2014.

As for debt, the district has $625,000 in bonds outstanding related to a 2004-2005 bond issue as well as $4.385 million in maintenance tax notes to finance the new Eagle Field and related projects.

Prior to the meeting, Mr. Puig recognized the board members for having been selected as an “Honor Board” in September. He said that it could not have happened without the trustees making a decision to become “cohesive.” He recognized Trustee Angie Gonzales as a “leader who always looks out for the best interest of the district and the kids.”

“Not only are these trustees public servants,” he said, “they’re ambassadors for our district.”

Mr. Puig described Trustee Lisa Cottrell as “generous,” saying that she does a great deal of work behind the scenes, and she never asks for recognition or acknowledgement.” As for Trustee Rocio Oñate, he said she was a trustee with “tact, diplomacy and passion.”

Trustee Sandy Urias was elected in May. Mr. Puig said that Ms. Urias is passionate about her role as a board member, and that she also worked tirelessly behind the scenes. “Her heart is committed to the children of this district.”

He called President Paul Uranga the “rock with quiet strength.” He thanked Mr. Uranga for being a strong leader of the district.


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