New $50,000 X-ray table gives patients a lift

A new “elevating” X-ray table has been installed at Culberson Hospital, making it much easier for staff to help ill and injured patients get into the correct position for diagnostic X-rays. 

“Our new table is electric,” said Toni Subia, radiology director for Culberson Hospital, “and can be automatically adjusted up or down.

The added capabilities of the table will minimize the need for staff to lift a patient into position.  Many of our patients have limited mobility, so I know they will greatly appreciate this capability.”  

As a result of its smaller size, the installation of the new table has freed up space in the radiology room, making it easier to move emergency patients and inpatients that may be transported in and out of the room on stretchers.  

The $50,000 price tag for the upgrade of the X-ray unit was paid for by Preferred Management Corporation, the Shawnee, Oklahoma based company that operates Culberson Hospital.  The price also included a new generator and controls for the operation of the entire X-ray system which was originally installed in 2010.      

As the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging, X-Ray broke onto the medical scene more than a century ago.

X-rays originally produced diagnostic images of the human body on X-ray film.  This type of medical imaging is extremely fast and provides a rapid method of evaluating the entire body — especially the joints, bones and chest.

“Even today, established technology like the X-ray is continually updated to meet current standards of care, provide for digital image creation and increase the speed of digital transmission,” said Jared Chanski, hospital administrator. “The new additions to our equipment provide our patients, staff and medical providers access to top notch X-ray service.”


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