Volunteers from South Carolina lend a helping hand to museum

On Oct. 9, 2014 a couple named Judy Mulkey and Dale Grabrovic came into the Clark Hotel Museum to learn about the history of Van Horn and take a tour of the Museum. Recently this same couple returned for what was thought to be more history, but in fact they wanted to volunteer in the museum.

Together they worked 89 hours, fixing, restoring, and cleaning the building. The Clark Hotel Museum is shining better than ever.

With its recent updates the museum has a restored roof, new plumbing pipes, several windows sealed and caulked, a new window installed on the west wall, and a neon sign in progress.

 Now that the building is more secure, it is ready for some long awaited renovation inside. Within the next week there is a crew of volunteers to do some dirty work upstairs now that the leaks are stopped. The Museum board welcomes tourists and our local population to come enjoy the fruit of Van Horn’s past.


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