CCAISD hosts Memorial Track Meet last Saturday


I would like to extend the greatest Thank You to everyone involved in the Memorial Relays.  It was a great success and once again these events cannot be hosted without the exceptional people that work together.  It takes an awesome community and district to host successful events and we have just that.  I could not possibly single out everyone that played a tremendous part in this weekend’s meet, but we had the best help in the concession stand, the best meet workers, and the best support staff.  It was a sensational day.

Varsity Girls Division
•    400m. Relay- Crystal Valdez, Renee Rivera, Cassandra Castro and Karina Ramirez-1st (51.31)and Team “B”-Felicity Mendez, Crystal Baeza, Julie Flores, & Brianna Vidaña-3rd
•    800m.-Cyrenee Tarango-2nd, Isela Velez-3rd and Skie Vega-4th.
•    100m.-Karina Ramirez-1st(12.58)
•    800m. Relay-Jadein Tarango, Cassandra Castro, Calise Cottrell, & Crystal Valdez-1st (1:57.02)
•    400m.-Renee Rivera-1st (63.33), Mariah Morales-4th (74.12)
•    300 H.-Calise Cottrell 2nd (55.65)
•    200m.-Karina Ramirez-1st (26.31)
•    1600m-Ruby Ontiveros-(6th )
•    1600m.-Cassandra Castro, Renee Rivera, Calise Cottrell, & Crystal Valdez-1st(4:42.93)
•    3200m.-Ruby Ontiveros-3rd
•    Long Jump-Renee Rivera-1st (16’-2 ½ ’’)
•    Triple Jump-Renee Rivera-1st (33’-11’’), Calise Cottrell-4th & Cassandra Castro-5th
•    Shot Put-Claris Navarrette-3rd (28’-4 ¾’’)
•    Discus Throw-Claris Navarrette-5th (64’-6’’)

Varsity Boys-Division
400m. Relay-Jose Baeza, Sam Rivera, Natan Arrazate & Luis Urias-1st (45.72)
800m.-Nathaniel Arrazate-4th (2:26)
110 HH-Brandon Carrillo-2nd-(19.0)
100m.-Luis Urias-1st –(11.44)
800m. Relay-Alex Urias, Juan Ramirez, Natan Arrazate & Jose Baeza-2nd (1:39.84)
400m.-Fabian Baeza-2nd (59.22)
300 IH-Brandon Carrillo-3rd (46.46)
200m.-Alex Urias-3rd (26.4)
1600m.-Sammy Quintana-2nd (5:20.43); Nando Subia-4th (5:56.3)
1600m. Relay-Brandon Carrillo, Jose Baeza, Fabian Baeza, Nathaniel Arrazate-1st(3:57.31)
3200m.-Sammy Quintana-1st (11:38.19), Nathaniel Arrazate-2nd (11:58.14) & Nando Subia-4th (12:49.06)

The Van Horn Eagles track team will travel to Alpine to participate in the Fightin’ Buck Relays on Saturday, March 7.  


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