Buzzard Festival returning to VH on Saturday, April 18

By Rodney Tilley

A new tradition is beginning again as we celebrate the return of the buzzards to Van Horn. 

Every year at this time, those large black birds of prey can be seen perched on the top of the water and antenna towers and on top of every other structure over two floors high here in Van Horn. 

Other buzzards can be seen circling overhead waiting for the start of summer and looking for that tasty morsel left on some obscure roadside. We know that San Juan boasts of their swallows, but we too have our birds waiting to impress those lonely tourists. Therefore in that tradition, the “Buzzard Festival” was born. 

This year we will have all kinds of activities centered in the downtown area. The El Paso “Antique Car Club” will be hosting a car show and vendors will be hawking their wares to include a mechanical bull, jumping balloons for the children, horse rides, and even model car racing with most of the thrills of the real thing. 

There is a mini-golf tournament with prizes to delight both young and old, as well as a “washer” tournament for all the old men in town that are just too old for basketball. 

There will be snow cones and popcorn, face painting, the Buzzard Art Contest, door prizes, the buzzard raffle, and of course buzzard piñatas broken for the delights that wait inside. There will be a DJ playing all your latest tunes as you and your family enjoy the festivities that once again come to Van Horn. 

It is a family time so grab a “buzzard burger” and a Pepsi, and bring a few dollars and enjoy the day and if your kids happen to drop a food item or spill their drink, don’t worry the buzzards will clean it up. 

We look forward to seeing you there on April 18, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.. For more information call: 432-207-0015 or 432-284-0654.


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