Cami Uranga competes at Regional tennis competition

By Brian Gibson, Athletic Director

We would like to congratulate Camille Uranga on a fantastic Regional Tennis Tournament. Her play was outstanding throughout the tournament. 

A district champion herself, she faced opponents sporting the same credentials as her and some with more regional tournament experience. 

Cami went undefeated in action on Monday with steady and consistent serves and dominating play at the net.  First thing in the morning on Tuesday she was matched with the #2 seeded player from Eldorado. 

After a slow start, her pace and energy picked up as she played some exciting tennis.  She eventually fell short in that match and shortly after played the defending regional champion and #1 seed from Claude. 

There was incredible back and forth action between the two. Despite being outlasted by the defending champion, Camille was electric in her play and walked off with her head held high.  

Without a doubt, she represented Van Horn and the Eagles with extreme class and pride. Great job Cami, we look forward to seeing you make a return trip next year!


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