There’s no ‘there’ there to the Jack Dorris saga


After weeks of various individuals pressuring the Advocate to print a story about candidate Jack Dorris for CCAISD school board, the Advocate has received all the documents necessary to piece the story together.

It all began with an arrest that took place in El Paso County a few weeks ago for a minor traffic offense involving a dirty tail light. Mr. Dorris was transported to Hudspeth County where he was released on a personal recognizance (PR) bond.

This is when Mr. Dorris found out that he had an outstanding warrant in Liberty County from 2010 that was unknown to him.

According to a source familiar with the case in Liberty County, Mr. Dorris, who serves as an oilfield consultant, worked temporarily for an oilfield services company that went into receivership.

The company continued to obtain oilfield services and equipment from a vendor for these services, and failed to pay the vendor. The date of the offense was Aug. 22, 2008, but the vendor did not file charges until March 4, 2010.

Rather than contend with an owner with a now dissolved company, Mr. Dorris instructed his attorney to pay the outstanding balance, and on Wednesday, May 6, the Advocate obtained an order for dismissal of charges from the 75th Judicial Court in Liberty County.

“This proves what I’ve been saying all along,” said Mr. Dorris. “My detractors pulled every trick in the book to slander me, but I got the best of them. I have continued to campaign hard in all parts of town because I want to ensure that if the fine voters of Van Horn give me their vote, I will serve all the children well on the school board.”


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