Letter to the Editor (2)

Dear Editor:

I was told to day that I have given up on the kids at CCAISD. For those who really know me, know that’s not true.   I don’t give up on the kids, ever.  I was told this because I believe they should change leadership, four years of poor performance for secondary academics is enough!   

The district appears to be proud of a 2% gain this year.  This took CCAISD off the list of districts to be shut down due to poor performance.   Now we moved up to the watch list of districts that could fail.   How about let’s be the top level in secondary academics?

 This is all due to Superintendent Marc Puig’s plan.  The interim superintendent continued  to follow the plan.   She made changes in style, teachers, and teacher training, but we put the same supervisors that couldn’t get the job done in promoted positions.  Why?  


In my line of work making the same mistakes over and over is foolish. Make one mistake, learn from it. Implement changes to avoid  making  the same mistake.   I suspect this is the reason Dr. Puig quit; he didn’t know how to make correct changes in management.

Next in the plan is a bond issue for a new campus.  In my opinion, we should first get our house in order. Maybe prospective residents will not look at the ratings on the internet and decide to go to another district. 

Maybe we change the district’s attitude of, ” if you don’t like it, take your kids elsewhere.” Maybe the change in attitude will start the district gaining students!

Jack Dorris 
(Trustee and taxpayer)


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