The 2015-16 Eagles started the new season Friday evening with a scrimmage between Van Horn and the Clint Lions and the Titanes from Juárez.  The spirited Eagles held their own against two larger schools.  We saw bright spots on offense and defense.
Early on, the offensive line gave quarterback Fabian Baeza some time to throw the ball.  When he had time, he was very successful.  The line became weaker as the scrimmage went on, forcing Baeza to scramble to throw the ball or to make plays for first downs.

Defense was also strong in the early going.  They were hitting and tackling with enthusiasm.  The Eagles defense held strong, but in later stages of the scrimmage gave up some long passes and long runs for touch downs.  Throughout the scrimmage, the defense was hitting much harder than both Juárez and Clint defenses.

The JV was composed of some first string starters to have enough players to scrimmage.  The defense and offense also held their own against the larger teams.

The star player of the week was Beaza.   He went on 1st string offense and 1st string defense. He played very well on both sides of the ball.  He threw long touch downs and ran the ball well.   Hope we keep him healthy because he is the heart of the team.

This week’s scrimmage will be in Pecos.   The Eagles will be going up against larger schools in Pecos and Odessa high schools.  The scheduled time is to be announced or look for it on the CCAISD website.


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