New driver education program no required for teens

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced this week the implementation of the Impact Texas Teen Driver program (ITTD), which is a new requirement for driver license applicants who complete a teen driver education course. 

The two-hour ITTD program contains several videos that provide awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

“Driving is one of the most dangerous things teens do on a daily basis, and it should command their undivided attention,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “This new component of teen driver education underscores the risks of distracted driving, and is designed to provide young and inexperienced drivers with additional information and skills to help keep them and others safe on the road.” 

Beginning Sept. 1, 2015, anyone who takes a teen driver education course – including Parent Taught Driver Education – must also complete the ITTD program, which consists of watching the video and printing out the ITTD completion certificate. 

ITTD should be completed after the classroom hours and all behind-the-wheel instruction, and it is the last step before taking the driving skills examination. (Individuals aged 18-24, who choose to complete a teen driver education course, must also complete the ITTD program.) 
To take the driver skills examination, student drivers must present the ITTD completion certificate along with their driver’s education course certificate of completion. 
The skills examination must be completed within 90 days of date on the ITTD certificate of completion. DPS has been providing information about ITTD when student drivers apply for their learner’s permit.


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