Letters to the editor – January 7th 2016

Dear Editor,

I’m sure that most residents of Van Horn have been asked at one time or another, why they would want to live here, a place that is remote and lacking many of the conveniences of a bigger town. Those who have never lived in a small town see the proverbial glass as half empty, seeing only the negatives, instead of seeing the glass as half full and experiencing the joys and bene ts of a small town.

The latter has never been more obvious than in the last week when my brother was transported in critical condition to El Paso. The outpouring of concern and offers of help, support and prayers was immediate and comforting. The willingness to help is nothing unusual for the people of Van Horn, who rally daily to help residents, friends, and families in need. What is especially heartwarming, is the sincerity with which people offer to help it is not just lip service. From my coworkers who took my on-call days and clinic patients, to Lisa Morton, his right hand, and Adrian

Gilmore, who made sure the Advocate went to print, one of my brother’s biggest concerns..

There has been a steady stream of visitors at the hospital, friends cleaning his house, other friends puppy sitting Daisy, his Christmas present, and offers for places to stay in El Paso, as well as offers to help in ways I hadn’t even thought of. I have had literally hundreds of messages of concern, hope and prayers daily, and can truly say that one of the only times there was a visible response from my brother was when Father Saul was praying over him. My brother attempted to open his eyes and managed a small nod, a testament to the power of prayer.

When my brother recovers, I will tell him how lucky he is to be a member of a community…no, a member of a family of caring, loving and charitable people, unlike anywhere else. I’m sure he’ll be the rst to agree, and will be forever grateful, as I am. God bless everyone, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Gilda Morales



Dear Editor,
To the Citizens of Van Horn:
It is with a great deal of gratitude that I send this note. On 9 October 2015, our convoy of historic military vehicles rolled into Van Horn. We are members of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, (MVPA), and were retracing the 1920 route of another military convoy that traveled the Bankhead Highway, which passed through your city. We were greeted by many of the townsfolk and your Sheriff Department escorted us to the city park. We had the honor of being briefed by senior members of the US Border Patrol…good folks! We were greeted by Patricia Golden of the Clark Hotel Museum and Patti Scott and Darice McVay. Our group dined at the El Capitan Hotel, attended a reception there and spent the night at the historic hotel. Everyone we met was enthusiastic about Van Horn and rightfully so. Although our stay was short, this gracious piece of old west history will live on in our memories for years to come. Western hospitality is alive and well in Van Horn, Texas!

Dennis Boots


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