Letter to the Editor

By Patricia Golden

Dear Editor,

On February 11 I attended a special meeting of the Culberson County-Allamoore ISD for the presentation regarding the $29.5 million proposal for the facility improvements project for the school.

I attended the same presentation at the City Council this past Tuesday in hopes to get a better understanding of what is needed.

There were several interesting and complicated rearrangements discussed in hopes to better design and make wise judgments of what needs to be rebuilt and what needs a little makeup. But last night, what caught my attention most, was the subject of student safety.

In the small attendance at the meeting there came a grave concern about the safety of the students, mainly regarding the crossing of the street on Fannin for the coming and going to different classes. One Van Horn resident was very boisterous and deliberate; I assumed she had children going to the school, and that she most likely was a working mother. I raise a question to Supt. Dalia Benavidez regarding volunteers and parental involvement at the school. The response was that there was not any, not even a PTO.

There was also a remark made, regarding this fear for student’s safety, which this has been going on for years. I instantly began to think about what was wrong with this picture. I am a strong believer in local citizens taking action for their own good. I suggest ears perk up to this emergency for safety. Those concerned need to start a coalition now to get priorities in order.

I know for fact that some people race their cars down Travis Street after they drop their kids off at the school. The street Fannin and Travis need to be monitored. Perhaps our city/county security can throw some consistent scare into to the drivers of this town. I’m not sure how that works, but I know I don’t see civil force enough anywhere.

I believe this particular problem could greatly be helped by our local citizens, and local authority.  And it needs to be done yesterday.


Patricia Golden


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