Triumph Junior Golf Invitational yields Eagle wins

Lezlie Jones, 1st Place winner

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Kyle Seyffert, 2nd Place winner

By Erica Urias

The Van Horn Golf Invitational was a success. Eagle Golfers came out ready to play. Unfortunately, the girls only had 3 attend yesterday so were unable to compete as a team. Nevertheless, the girls came out ready for action. Sophomore, Justice Santa Cruz, made great strides. She putted well and sank a pair of 30 footers. Junior, Lezlie Jones, found a way to stay focused and sharp. She was well under the weather but dug deep and finished strong. In the end, she earned herself another Tournament Champion Medal, with a score of 95, defeating McCamey and Fort Stockton’s number ones.

The Eagle Boy’s Golf Team came out ready for action and began hot off the first tee box. Senior, Kyle Seyffert, played excellent and dug deep in today’s round. His focus around the greens was exceptional and keen. He kept his composure and shot an 82, earning him a 2nd Place finish. Completing the top 10 was Joseph Vorheis in 4th Place with an 88 and Daniel Solis in 8th Place with a 90.

In the end, the boys came away with 2nd Place Team, just 7 strokes behind the Wink Wildcats.  It was an excellent round for our boys and our best team score of the season. Their misses were good and they played great around the green. We still have plenty of room for improvement but for now, we are most definitely proud of our Runner-Up status.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the Town of Van Horn for allowing us to reserve the course. We thank Raul Rodriguez, Rafa Rodriguez and Eddie Abreo for their help this weekend and for keeping the course in excellent condition.

We sincerely thank Triumph Junior Golf, for hosting our invitational once again. Thank you to our golfers and their families for their donations, as well. Everything went great and the teams had an excellent experience.


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