Fire and Med Services training offered here

By:  Daniel J. “DJ” Cedillos, Training Chief

EMS service providers are required to recertify in order to maintain certification. These certifications are both under the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NR). Recertification requirements for TDSHS are met every 4 years from between 72-108 hours depending on certification level, and 72 hours for NR every 2 years.

This past week end Fire Med Services provided continuing education (CE’s) hours for Culberson Hospital EMS providers, in order to satisfy TDSHS and NR requirements for recertification. These CE sessions involved classroom and hands on training for local EMS providers refreshing their skill set and maintaining proficiency in their EMS field.

The continued dedication of these EMS providers to their field to provide service to the community of Van Horn and Culberson County is exemplified with their own commitment to attend these CE sessions, while continuing to be at the ready to respond to Emergency Medical Service calls.

It truly is a privilege, for Fire-Med Services, to be able to provide these continuing education hours, to Culberson Hospital EMS providers.


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