Gold star for criminal incompetence

Russel A. Hudson

Sheriff’s Office Photo

By Lisa Morton

An early morning 911 call to the Culberson County Sheriff’s Dispatch Office caught the operator off guard when the caller location showed that it was the Sheriff’s office across the street.  The caller identified himself by name and proceeded to tell the 911 operator that he had broken into the Sheriff’s office and had barricaded himself inside.  The dispatcher advised the caller that the Sheriff would be notified and to please be patient.

According to Sheriff  Oscar E. Carrillo, upon his arrival he located the subject in an interior office.  Within three minutes, and no surrender, the Sheriff forced his way into the office and tased the subject later identified as 46 year old Russell A. Hudson of Van Horn who gained entrance through a front window.  “Who breaks into a Sheriff’s office and calls 911?  What an idiot”, Carrillo said.

Hudson is now facing State Jail, Felony Burglary, and Felony Criminal Mischief charges which includes well over $1,500 in property damage charges.  In addition, he was wanted by the Department of Texas Board of Pardon and Parole.

Prior to his arrival in Van Horn, approximately one year ago, Hudson was a resident of Hudspeth County.  He has spent the last year working off and on for M&M Wrecker and most recently at the Sands Motel.

Hudson’s lengthy criminal history further complicates his new charges.  A background check investigation found him to have several prior convictions for burglaries and other felonies before his arrival to Van Horn.  Hudson is currently detained on a $30,000 bond for the burglary charge and a recommended no bond by the Parole Department.

Sheriff break-in 1

Sheriff tases suspect.

Sheriff break-in 2

Destruction caused in incident


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